Our collection of stylish and perfect fitting equestrian riding gloves hand-made in Britain. 

Winter Glove

Our winter glove styling is a favourite with the Signature Design Team because our customers regularly give very positive feedback on the wonderful fit and comfort provided by the triple elasticated back.

Summer Glove

This all-leather glove styling crosses all equestrian disciplines, and provides a wealth of options when combining leather colours.

Autumn Glove

Our crochet-back styling harks back to the 1920s, when it was originally designed for the world of motor sports.

Signature Sport Leather

Originally a 1930's motor sports glove style, this has been updated for the Equestrian world where the comfort and close contact are receiving rave reviews!

Signature Sport Knitback Glove

Over the years our knit back glove has proved a stalwart across all Equestrian disciplines but especially in Eventing where personal colour combinations are so important.

Dressage Classic Digital Glove

For the perfect accessory to Dressage we introduce our latest combination of White leather backs with White blended Digital finish leather palms.

 Icewarm Glove

One of our most ingenious glove designs combining lambswool backs with leather palms providing both warmth and dexterity at the same time.

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