"With the cold weather well and truly set in now I'm delighted with my 'Winter Driving Gloves.

I spend almost all day every day outdoors driving horses or teaching and in the past I have just accepted that I will have cold hands wearing standard thin equestrian gloves. I've never found that I could drive properly wearing warm thicker gloves as I felt restricted and couldn't feel the reins properly. With the Signature Leather gloves I don't feel like my driving performance is compromised at all and my hands are always warm.

Gone are the days of having to have a break during a training session to sit on my hands to regain the feeling in them! I wouldn't be without them now and always have them on!"

Chris Ainscough Carriage Driving


Chris Ainscough Carriage Driving Gloves
Chris Ainscough with Signature Leather Carriage Driving Gloves


Our Carriage Driving Gloves are available in two styles:

 Winter Glove Signature Sport Knit Back